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Fennel Benefits And Recipes To Increase Breast And Penis Size

Fennel or in Latin called Foeniculum Vulgare is a flowering plant in the carrot family. Fennel is a hard and timeless herb, characterize by yellow flowers and feather leaves. Asian ancestors have felt the fennel benefits to increase breast size. Fennel is also useful for to increase the size of the penis with special ingredients.

Fennel Benefits And Recipes

Fennel is an excellent and aromatic herb, commonly use for culinary and medicine. In Indonesia this plant has long been use in various traditional medicine. Believed to cure anemia, digestive disorders, heart disease, cancer, normalize blood pressure, stimulate brain function, nourish the eyes, and respiratory disorders.

Fennel Benefits And Recipes

Fennel plants most favored by some types of Lepidoptera larvae. In the 1842 Longfellow poem (The Goblet of Life) mentions that fennel plants used to strengthen vision. Its one of the nine plants invoked in the pagan Anglo-Saxon Nine Herbs Charm, recorded in the 10th century.

Every 100 fennel seeds contain 345 kilocalories of food energy, rich sources of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B and some food minerals. Mineral content of food including calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. Fennel seeds contain 52 percent Carbohydrates, 15 percent fat, 40 percent dietary fiber, and 16 percent protein.

Fennel benefits to increase breast size, fennel seeds that can provoke the hormone estrogen and believed to hold various fluids in the breast. The following recipes are use to enlarge the breast and increase penis size:
  1. Take 5 pieces of fennel leaf that has been wash. Wrap the penis using fennel leaves for 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. To enlarge the female breasts, pure a handful of fennel seeds and then added warm water. Apply throughout the breast skin with slow massage.

Do the above treatment before bed, stop using it immediately in case of skin irritation. Many people have felt the fennel benefits to increase the breast and penis size. This herb only for external use, and do not use if your skin injured or allergic.


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