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Four O'Clock Flowers Benefits And Medicinal Uses

Mirabilis Jalapa, marvel of Peru or four o'clock flowers has many colors and comes from South America, generally red, yellow, and also white that genetically affected. Four o'clock flowers benefits for acne considered powerful, this herb made into powder and applied to the face. Mirabilis Jalapa, the flower blooms at four o'clock in the afternoon caused by light stimulation photonasti.

Mirabilis Jalapa, four o'clock flowers benefits

The four o'clock flowers are the dicotyledones family, the two-pointed seeds, waxy with a multiple of 4 to 5, and leaf veins like fingers. Our parents have long used the plants as traditional decorations and herbs. Four o'clock flowers benefits also used as food coloring, especially cakes and jelly.

Four O'Clock Flowers Benefits

Four o'clock flowers benefits for acne are able to overcome facial skin infections. The content in the form of betaxanthis, fatty acid substances, oil acid substances, this compound used as a diuretic to smooth blood circulation and urine. This flower can also relieve tonsillitis, sore throat, cough bleeding herbs, cancer, kidney stones herbs, gall stones, and to treat diabetes.

The four o'clock flowers benefits used as a diuretic, laxative, and for wound healing. The root of the flower believed to be an aphrodisiac, diuretic and laxative. Plant leaves used to reduce inflammation, leaves used to treat abscesses and to treat wounds, seed powder used as cosmetics and dyes.

The four o'clock flowers benefits for herbal remedies of acne and burnt skin, recipes as follows:
  1. Take some old fruit, then break and puree it as a powder to treat acne. Mixed by adding waters to make a paste, then apply on acne and burnt skin.
  2. To treat tonsillitis, inflammation of the prostate, as follows: Provide 10 grams of fresh roots. Mop until smooth and add waters to make pasta. This pasta compressed on the affected part.
  3. To treat prostatitis, inflammation of the tonsils, diabetes, greased urine, vaginal discharge, cervical erosion, and acute arthritis: Boil 15 grams of dried or fresh roots, plus 4 cups water and boil until the remaining 2 cups. Filter the water, the dose is a glass of 2 times a day.

Four o'clock flowers benefits have used by various societies around the world. This plant known by various names, and widely used in traditional medicine in India and Indonesia.


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